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The Web is moving from a collection of static documents to a collection of services. For realizing service interchange in a business to business setting, the service-oriented architecture together with the Web Services technology are widely seen as the most promising fundament. As a result, considerable attention has been given, both in research and in industry to Web Services and related technologies.

In addition, a paradigm shift in the usage of the Web in general has happened. The role of a Web user is shifting from a passive, only consuming function to one where he actively participates: the so-called “Web 2.0” phenomena. Both Web Service’s technologies and Web 2.0’s technologies have been used in order to develop applications. However, up to now these two areas have been kept separate: the applications that use Web Services do not use the Web 2.0 approach, and vice versa. Instead, Service-Finder aims at developing a platform for service discovery in which Web Services are embedded in a Web 2.0 environment.

Official homepage: http://www.service-finder.eu/ (IST - FP7 - 215876)[top]