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Triple Space Communication

The mission of TripCom is to take a significant move towards a new era of the Internet. The Web changes communication processes of humans significantly by providing instant publication over any geographical distances in an asynchronous fashion. It is based on broadcasting via persistent publication of information.

The two major asynchronous styles of human communication (directed communication via mail and undirected communication via publication) have been significantly improved through email and Web. The next step for the Internet is likely to be the direct integration of applications and computers via Web service technology. This network no longer directly interlinks humans but interlinks applications and programs to provide integrated services to the human end-user. However, current Web service technology has only very little to do with the Web. It is based on the message exchange paradigm similar to email communication. Truly Web-enabled Web services will communicate via persistent publication of information.

Realizing this vision and a new technology is the mission of TripCom with the result of the integrating Tuple Space, Semantic Web (triple), and Web service technologies. As the result of the project the combination of these building blocks could give ground to a novel Semantic Web service paradigm.

In particualr CEFRIEL intends to demonstrate tripcom relevance in studying its use in the realization of the European patient summary infrastructure. One of the main items on the eHealth agenda of the European Community is the design and promotion of electronic patient summaries as an instrument to facilitate the pervasive delivery of healthcare, thus ensuring the right to patient mobility and increasing the productivity and quality of health service delivery. From a technical point of view this objective requires middleware technology which is able to cope with the stringent interoperability, multi-lingualism, security and privacy requirements arising in eHealth settings.

Official web site http://www.tripcom.org/ . (IST-4-027324-STP)

More information coming soon.