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Semantics Utilised for Process management within and between EnteRprises

The major objective of SUPER is to raise Business Process Management (BPM) to the business level, where it belongs, from the IT level where it mostly resides now. This objective requires that BPM is accessible at the level of semantics of business experts.

Semantic Web and, in particular, Semantic Web Services (SWS) technology offer the promise of integrating applications at the semantic level. By combining SWS and BPM, and developing one consolidated technology SUPER will create horizontal ontologies which describe business processes and vertical telecommunications oriented ontologies to support domain-specific annotation.

Therefore this project aims at providing a semantic-based and context-aware frame- work, based on Semantic Web Services technology that acquires, organises, shares and uses the knowledge embedded in business processes within existing IT systems and software, and within employees' heads, in order to make companies more adaptive.

Official web-site http://www.ip-super.org/ . (IST-4-026850-IP)

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