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Employing Web technologies to make sense of the World

We are a group of computer scientists with a strong background in Semantic Web, Human Computation, Machine Learning & Data Analytics and Human Computer Interaction.
We are a R&D team within Cefriel - the research, innovation and technology transfer center of Politecnico di Milano.




We mainly focus on two research fields: Human Computation and Semantic Interoperability.
We carry out our research through national and international cooperative research projects.

Human Computation

Active involvement of human-in-the-loop into data and knowledge organization/refinement processes

At Cefriel we have successfully designed, implemented, deployed and evaluated a set of playful applications – both Web-based and mobile apps – to engage target user groups in the collection, update, ranking, validation of data and information


  • Engage human contributors in knowledge processing workflows
  • Exploit playful incentive to collect data from users
  • Improve data processing by combining human and machine intelligence

Our solutions:

  • Playful incentives and conversational tools for people engagement
  • Awareness creation, participation, open/social innovation
  • Human contribution aggregation and analysis
  • Contribution and participation analysis, user modelling
  • Human-in-the-loop for improved machine learning workflows


  • Crowdsourcing
  • Citizen Science
  • Social Innovation
  • Games with a Purpose
  • Gamification
  • Collective Awareness
  • Human-in-the-loop
  • Computational Social Science
  • Explainable AI

Semantic Interoperability

Data and service interoperability through solutions based on Semantic Web technologies

At Cefriel we have successfully designed, implemented, and tested solutions based on Semantic Web technologies fostering the sharing, reusability and integration of datasets and services


  • Improve datasets/services sharing and reusability
  • Support semantic data aggregation, transformation and fusion
  • Define an interoperability framework and its governance structure

Our solutions:

  • Semantic metadata management (domain ontologies, dataset/service description
  • Design & development of semantic metadata catalogues (asset manager, national access point) and semantic discovery engines
  • Design of an interoperability framework promoting and sustaining the sharing and reuse of semantic interoperability assets
  • Design & development of ontology-based mapping/converters


  • Semantic Web
  • Data/Service Profiling and Discovery
  • Interoperability Framework
  • Assets Management and Governance
  • Semantic Data Integration
  • Semantic Data Transformation



Since 2004, we have contributed to cooperative research projects at regional, national and international level. We support industrial partners in their R&D activities with experimental development (domain-specific pre-competitive prototyping). We support Universities to put their foundational research into practice. Hereafter is a timeline our projects: click on each project on the timeline to learn more.


Legenda: green projects are co-funded by European FP6, FP7 or H2020 programmes; yellow projects are Italian initiatives co-funded by national (MIUR FIRB) or regional (Lombardy FESR) programmes; soft pink projects are innovation or piloting activities co-funded by EIT Digital KIC or by private companies.








We are based in Milano, Italy, we strongly believe in a united Europe and, at the end of the day, we are citizens of the world!


Irene Celino

Alessio Carenini

Marco Comerio

Gloria Re Calegari

Mario Scrocca

Damiano Scandolari


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