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Developing a Semantic Web Application

Music Event Explorer (namely meex) is a sample application of the Semantic Web that expects a music style as input and allows for exploring events of artists that plays the given style.

We decide to develop meex while we were writing the first Italian book on Semantic Web. We would like to include a chapter that explains step-by-step the development of a Semantic Web application. We would like to challenge the Semantic Web technologies in realizing a new service for Web users using, transforming and combining existing data. So, we chose to combine music and events, because lot of open data source are available in those are.

Meex uses GRDDL to extract in RDF from MusicMoz the artists that play a given music style. It uses D2RQ and Joseki to expose MusicBrainz database as a SPARQL ARQ. Then, meex retrieves the events of each artist using the EVDB REST service and translate them in RDF using GRDDL. Finally, all gathered RDF data are translated by meex in JSON and sent to Exhibit that allows users to explore them.

Here meex is for you: to try, to study and to download!

Try meex!

You can try meex here.

Download meex

To run meex on your local machine make sure to have installed the Sun Java JDK 1.6 compiler and the Eclipse IDE. To download meex, click on the meex download link. Within the zip file read the Readme-EN.pdf to install and configure meex.

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